Nitrile Rubber Sheet

We are manufacturer and exporter of Nitrile Rubber Sheet is a co-polymer of butadiene. It has good general resistance to oil along with good mechanical properties, especially tensile strength, flexibility, compression set and impermeability to gases. It has moderate aging properties and good adhesion to metal. Its recommended operating temperature is -300 C to + 1200 C. It also displays a good resistance to chlorine. It gives satisfactory resistance to general hydrocarbons.
Features Properties Applications
Nitrile Rubber Sheets are widely used in Automobile industry due to its compression set and in-permeability to gases.
  • Width: 1.2 Mtrs/1.5 Mtrs/1.4 Mtrs up to max 2 Mtr
  • Length: 10 Mtrs Long (Standard length)
  • Thickness: 0.5 mm Thick to 50 mm Thick
  • Customized size possible
  • Operating temperature is -300 C to + 1200 C
Automobile parts, Petrochemical Industry, Chemical Industry, Steel Mills, Pharmaceuticals & other related industries where it is used as Gaskets because it is in-permeable to most of the gases.

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