Neoprene Rubber Sheet

We are one of the reputed manufacturer and exporter of Neoprene Rubber Sheets has excellent mechanical and good abrasion properties, It has a good resilience against heat, ozone and weathering and also gives good adhesion to metal. The recommended operating temperature range is between -400C to + 1250C. We also offer flame retardant grades.
Features Applications Specifications
  • Neoprene Rubber Sheets are resistant to Heat, Oil, a wide range of Acids & alkalis, Solvents, Whether, Ozone & exhibits prolonged Ageing Properties.
  • Neoprene Rubber Sheets exhibits Good Metal adhesion properties apart from this we can also offer Flame resistant Neoprene Grades.
  • Petrochemicals industry, Chemical Pants, Steel Mills, Pharmaceuticals & other related industries where it is used for Packing, Metal to rubber Adhesion, Insulation from Oils, Acids, Alkalis, Heat & for Gaskets purposes.
  • Width: 1.2 Mtrs/1.5 Mtrs/1.4 Mtrs up to max 2 Mtrs
  • Length: 10 Mtrs Long (Standard length)
  • Thickness: 0.5 mm Thick to 50 mm Thick
  • Customized size possible
  • Operating temperature range: -400C to +1250C

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